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Ruth Ibegbuna: a woman who has shaped Manchester

The John Rylands Library’s ‘Women Who Shaped Manchester’ exhibition ends this weekend, to coincide with International Women’s Day 2019. We would like to celebrate who we think deserves to be among them, namely, Ruth Ibegbuna. Ruth founded the Manchester-based youth leadership charity Reclaim​ in 2007, with an ambitious aim to end leadership inequality within a…

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Grammar in the age of Brexit

This is not a statement about our views on Brexit. We shall leave that to the politicians and the Twittersphere. While leaving the politics of Brexit aside, what we have noticed is much inconsistency and inaccuracy in the use, or non-use, of hyphenation in its reporting. In particular, it has come to our attention that…

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Our testimonials

We are pleased to launch our testimonials page – many thanks to our clients for their kind words. To find our what they think of us, please click here.

How to write a press release

A press release is a clear, straightforward format in which to bring news to the attention of print and broadcast media outlets. In an era of intensifying social networking, issuing press releases to non-traditional media individuals and organizations is also critical if you want as many people as possible to know about an event, a…

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International Women’s Day 2018

Today (8 March) is International Women’s Day 2018. To commemorate this annual global event, we are celebrating the work of poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, short story writer and lawyer, M. NourbeSe Philip. Philip was born on 3 February 1947 in Woodlands on the Caribbean island of Tobago. After graduating from the University of the West Indies,…

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Help from the city of dreaming spires

We always defer to Oxford Dictionaries when proofreading and editing for clients. Their website is an essential – and free! – resource for all writers of UK and US English. We also recommend their excellent tips and advice on English grammar here.

Date order

As a proofreader of English texts, on a daily basis, I work on manuscripts written in both the UK and US versions of the language. The choice of which version of English to proofread in is always determined by the client, for example, because of their geographical location or their publisher’s style rules. I briefly…

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‘Unsexing’ the English language

Addressing gender specificity, neutrality and fluidity in written English Of late, abuses of patriarchy in Hollywood, the theatre and politics have dominated the news. For many, we are witnessing a step change in terms of what modern society considers to be acceptable, decent and inclusive. History will tell. If modern society does indeed choose to…

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European Day of Languages 2017

Celebrating Europe’s rich linguistic diversity Today (26 September) is the Council of Europe’s European Day of Languages. There are 24 languages that are officially recognized within the European Union. There are also more than 60 indigenous regional and minority languages, as well as numerous non-indigenous languages spoken by migrant communities. That’s not including the many…

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Our tribute to Sir Peter Hall (1930-2017)

Here at Language and Culture, we are sorry to learn of the death of Sir Peter Hall, the British stage, opera and film director, who founded the Royal Shakespeare Company at the age of only 29. For us, as for many, his artistic directorship of the National Theatre in the 1980s was a remarkable period for British drama…

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