Consultancy services for business

Our staff have considerable experience of creating and delivering effective marketing communications, media and public relations campaigns for central government, local authorities and community organizations, using both traditional and digital methodologies. Our campaigns have often focused on education, health and social inclusion.

We are also proud of our expertise in creating a new or revisiting an existing brand identity. We understand the power of narrative and how that relates to the language and messages used within the context of a brand campaign.

We also have UK and international graphic designers on call, as part of our virtual team, who are ready to work with us in order to meet any organization’s branding needs.

Our approach

At the start of any project, we often ask our clients to tell us what they have seen and liked, or what they want to achieve. This helps us get inside their heads.

We believe it is important to start this dialogue early, so that the outcome is precisely what the client hoped for… and more.

Our consultancy highlights


  • Developed and implemented a new brand identity for a national UK charity
  • Developed and implemented a new brand identity for an all-Ireland clinical organization

Strategic development

  • Coordinated a strategic plan to increase subscriptions for a membership organization
  • Oversaw the reorganization of a national charity’s governance structure
  • Supported relaunch of an all-Ireland clinical organization
  • Established a public involvement programme for a clinical association
  • Secured long-term sustainability for an underfunded national service user charity

Media and public relations

Human resources

  • Developed and implemented a new staff appraisal system for a Manchester employer
  • Devised equality and diversity policy and training for a Manchester employer

Event management

  • Managed the delivery of a major regional conference for UK Government
  • Organized and promoted an international Shakespeare conference in Manchester

For further information about our consultancy services and to see examples of our work, please contact us.

Why choose Language and Culture?

Our company is founded on the principle of #WhatWeDoBest. Together, our staff have been educators, supervisors, mentors, guides, communicators, editors, developers and researchers. We have also worked with a range of sectors, both in the UK and internationally, including government departments, universities, tourism, creative industries, journalism, charities and public relations.

Simply put, we have the experience to support individuals and organizations in all aspects of language and culture: from educational support to cultural orientation and brand identity.

Our clients

We have considerable experience proofreading and editing the work of students (up to and including PhD), professional academics and researchers, published authors, corporate media, and national and international businesses and NGOs.

Price promise

At Language and Culture, we believe in the quality and the integrity of our work more than money. If you have been offered a quote from a similar organization, we believe we can offer you a cheaper quote in return for higher quality. As we do not work with contractors, there is no middleperson to pay. Typical terms and conditions apply to this offer.

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