I am a PhD student from China in the process of writing up my thesis at the University of Salford. I asked Language and Culture to support me with private supervision. In the past three years, my Language and Culture supervisor has always been friendly, patiently addressed my language difficulties and pointed out my thesis format problems. Although we are not in the same study field, his precise advice has always gained my university supervisors’ approval. Without his careful and responsible help, I would not be able to finish my thesis successfully on time. I very much appreciate Language and Culture’s great help and would be happy to recommend them to anyone. – JK, student, China

I initially joined the Language and Culture classes as a complementary way to study English. Not only did I improve my English but also learned about English culture. Being a foreigner, together with not speaking the language properly, is always hard and a barrier to integrate into the culture of the country. But it is a fact that the Language and Culture way of learning was crucial giving me a better understanding of Manchester and the rest of the UK. – SM, student, Spain

In Spain, I tried many courses but, without any doubt, Language and Culture’s would be
at the top with five stars: enthusiasm, professionalism, flexibility, openness and outstanding quality work. I would define them as a fantastic experience and a great way of improving your English language skills, while discovering and enjoying UK culture. – NJ, student, Spain

Stephen came across to me as a very knowledgeable, trustworthy and genuine friend with lots of passion for British history, culture and language. I experienced the beauty of the uniqueness of this combination when he thoughtfully helped me understand and appreciate the differences with my own background. – XC, student, China

Stephen is definitely a professional proofreader, who is friendly and patient. I really appreciate his work and recommend to others. – CL, Chinese postgraduate student studying in the UK

Strongly recommend. A very qualified proof-reader with the effective response straightaway. – SC, Chinese postgraduate student studying in the UK

It was a very impressive experience. Stephen is a reliable and professional proofreader, he will inspire you more than you can imagine, not only rely with his brilliant academic writing style, but also the effective response. He also checks all of the bibliography and revises it. I have some problems about my word account, I wrote too much, but he was good at chopping off words to save my essay. This is the first time I found a proofreader and I am lucky to have met Language and Culture. We have a pleasant co-operation, I will definitely recommend it to everyone! – SZ, Chinese postgraduate student studying in the UK


The study walks helped me to understand Manchester with all its colourful history and culture. The commentary during the walks brought to life the music scene of a city that produced bands such as Joy Division and Oasis. – SM, student, Spain

The Language and Culture beer tour was an insightful, fun and very safe introductory session to the British pub before. Our guide explained the different beer types, some of which we tasted, and what to look out for at a pub. This was the first time we got to know the different beers, what to call them in English and how to order at the bar. – XC, student, China

Brilliant. Our friendly guide took our group through the history of Manchester. We were given all the facts about each stop, while questions were always answered professionally. The whole tour was interesting and it was magical to see where Factory Records all started. Great tour, executed with great passion and knowledge. – CF, holiday consultant, UK

Language and Culture provided a guide to join my Chinese friends and I to watch Richard III at Shakespeare’s Globe. Stephen impressed me with his extensive knowledge of plays, old English language and history. Our conversation with him on the play, before and after the show, was very enjoyable and a great learning experience. This helped us appreciate this play better and the thoughtful cross-cultural comparisons the guide made helped us easily relate to the play. – XC, student, China

I am pleased to recommend Language and Culture for any of the tours they provide. I had the opportunity to use them when I moved from Spain. Thanks to their quality work, openness and friendliness, I discovered a great city, its spirit and culture in all its aspects, as well as understanding what it truly means being a Mancunian, especially, living and loving music. – JTO, business consultant, Spain

Stephen came across to me as a very knowledgeable, trustworthy and genuine friend with lots of passion for British history, culture and language. I experienced the beauty of the uniqueness of this combination when he quietly made thoughtful consideration to help me understand and appreciate the differences between the UK and my own country. I would recommend Language and Culture for any historical and culture tour they provide. – XC, student, China

I contacted Stephen for guiding a tour in North Wales that I was arranging for a big group and from the very beginning he was so kind and professional. He helped me a lot to choose the best itinerary and to arrange the tour. During the tour , he was really responsible and concerned for our safety. He has a really good knowledge about history and interesting events as well. He is always willing to help anytime. I strongly recommend Stephen as a cultural and touristic guide. – PLA, teacher, Spain

We went as a family group (kids 17 & 13) and everyone really enjoyed the Secrets of Manchester tour. We’ve all learnt some quirky facts about Manchester. It was very informative. Thanks, Stephen! – AV, parent, Manchester

I want to thank Language and Culture for the three wonderful tours I’ve done with them in both Manchester and Liverpool. Besides knowing a lot about social, political and cultural history, our guide is very generous to teach what he knows and patient in answering questions and giving me clear explanations. Also the tours were very entertaining. The guide adapted the tour to match my interests and sent me, before the tour, an information pack so that I can read about the places we would visit in advance. This is a very useful service if English is not your first language. I would definitely recommend the tours that this company organises. – GW, doctor, Argentina

Before I visited Liverpool, I only know about the Beatles and football. I learnt so much about the history and architecture of Liverpool from our guide. We also visited the Walker art gallery. Our guide knows a lot about art and this visit was very interesting. If you want to visit Liverpool, I recommend Language and Culture’s tour. Excellent! – CSC, businessman, Chile


I worked with Stephen on planning and delivering a day conference. I found him to be entirely trustworthy and efficient at every stage. He took responsibility and initiative at each step of the process and delivered even before I asked for the essential requirements of the event. His modest and friendly conduct meant we got on from the start and never faltered as we worked together. He is skilled in communicating, arranging events, negotiating and keeping to deadlines, and has the necessary computing and Internet skills. He created high-quality publicity material and was always open to feedback. He provided a final budget after the event and completed work. He was always on time for our meetings. I would highly recommend his services. – JCC, author, Manchester

A pleasure to work with, a forward thinking and can-do attitude. A wealth of knowledge in communications, strategy and marketing, and great at helping to move things forward and helping others manage change processes effectively. – MC, executive director, UK

Stephen’s input into the development of our all Ireland association was immeasurable. He has the capacity to take in large sweeps of information and diverse views, and come up with clear and succinct goals to move things forward. He is immensely capable and has an intelligence that incorporates a scientific evidence-based approach, which is enhanced by a human understanding that can sometimes be lacking in large organizations. He is someone who I would always want on my team. – MR, charity trustee, Ireland

Stephen is an inspirational leader who has an excellent strategic and development vision to transform any organisation he works for. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. – PL, board chair, Ireland

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